Invitation: Woofcast #542 – Live


Join us, won’t you? Sunday, March 1st starting shortly after 6:00 PM Eastern time, we will be recording Woofcast 542, live! I’m going to warm up the chat room and everything. We’ll have you done in time for dinner, unless you decide to play the drinking game!

After you are done putting that into your calendar, you should check out the latest from our man Todd; That’s right, Todd is finally selling stripes directly to you. The good stuff, high quality 3M vinyl, custom fit to your MINI the way they should fit! And, don’t worry, more designs will start showing up very soon!

We’ll see you Sunday!

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Woofcast #541


News of the week from MotoringFile, a few updates about my MINI (including the new body kit) and we are doing another live show! Be sure to join us Sunday, March 1st around 6:00 PM EST. Full details to follow later this week.

If you are going to be going to the annual Philly MINI Member meeting, be sure to stop by and say hi to Todd. He’s already booked, but you can watch him do his magic, meet Alex and have Marzo code your car (if he hasn’t already).

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detroit tuned

Woofcast #540: Only If I Can Keep the Lizards


I get things started talking about graphics removal from Bruce and the new JCW body kit. Photos of that will follow and I’m going to be curious to hear what you guy think of it with, gasp(!), painted arches. And a few other things that I want to get done before we move on to cover news from Oh, and even more GP talk, because Todd did math and numbers don’t lie. You weren’t hearing this either, we did let Alex do the intro, in French, because that’s how we do.

Oh, and you guys did see the lizards, right? There has already been a tribute posted on Facebook. Enjoy this now, they are coming off this week!

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Woofcast 539: Thirteen Dollars and Fifty Cents, Plus Tax


UPDATE – Corrected links. Apologies for this showing in your feed twice.

I still don’t think the diesel is coming and other news from start us out this week. All of the news that is fit for us to talk about it. A little Ask Chad/Todd about graphics you will find useful. Alex recaps his trip to California and I talk a little more about the R56 heretofore known as Bruce.

Don’t forget any of the fine sponsors for your Valentine. Might I recommend a smart phone holder from Craven Speed (aka the ‘Squeezy Thing’) or perhaps some fine motoring gear from Trust me, this stuff is Valentines Day gold friends.

Finally, we are getting closer to our goal of $100 per episode at Patreon. We really appreciate the support! I’m going to have rewards for those that have already contributed very soon along with rewards for future Paton’s. Remember, when we hit $100, Todd is going to make it rain! Rain butter, baby!

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Woofcast #538: Overserved at the MGM Grand


Weather and Vegas silliness to get us started this week. And Todd had lunch with Carlos Santana. And Chad shoveled the driveway. And Todd reconned the Silverton Resort for AMVIV.

Once I was done typing the word and, we got started with news from the week from MotoringFile, including out thoughts about the odd things that are falling through the cracks at MINI. Finish up with some rousing Ask Chad and I talk more about the R56 and we have ourselves a show.

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Woofcast 537: The Coffee Mug is Mine, B!$#%

2015-01-24 16.27.07-1

db buys a MINI, Alex’s friends check out the new MINI 5 door and Todd makes a MINI say whoa! All that, plus news of the week from and Chad’s thoughts on the Superleggera. And, if you missed it, go back and check out Woofcast 534. Also, if you are delivery stopped, check out this story for details. Just an issue with stickers.

And, you did hear correctly if you missed it last week. I am now the proud owner of a 2008 R56 Cooper. I’ve already clocked over 500 miles in him and will telling you all about over at later this week. For now, check out the photo above and keep an eye on my Instagram for more photos.

Finally, you need butter, right? All you have to do is help support us on Patreon. As soon as you guys support us at the $100 per show level, all of those people get a stick of butter. Who else does that for you guys?

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Woofcast #536: It’s Not the Mullet in Your Head, It’s the Mullet in Your Heart


Starting off with a PSA or two (seriously, drive careful out there gang!) before rolling into news of the week and Alex’s take on NAIAS. We have interviews coming this week from the show that we think you’ll enjoy. Also, Ask Chad inbox is back on line, so send those questions over to our man Chad and he will answer those for you, relatively free of charge.

And a hearty thanks to all of you that are adding to the Patreon! We really appreciate your support!

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