Woofcast #507

F56 Mini Cooper S 3/4 Front oben

Sadly, we missed Gin and Tonic day last week, and I have something to say about that. Gabe posted his F56 Cooper review on Motoringfile last week and we talk a little bit more about the F56. Plus, the Final Test Test Drive videos are live, check them all out at, they are all pretty awesome.

If you are interested in joining the White Roof Radio road crew during MTTS, shoot us an email at the usual place. I’m going to be contacting you guys and gals later this week!

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Woofcast #506


After a failed attempt at a live show, can you believe Skype was able to save the day? Oh boy did it! Todd, Chad and I still managed to mope our way through a show for you, talkin’ about MINI stuff, like we like to do. Tons of news from tonight, Todd took an F56 apart with his teeth and we were joined by Mr. Gabe Bridger. We even talked quite a bit about the issues with the F56 Cooper and what MINIUSA is doing about it.

Stick around for next week. I’ve finally had the chance to check out the F56 (look, not drive) and you know we’ll be talking more about it!

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detroit tuned

Woofcast #505


It’s this weeks abbreviated version of The Woofcast, it’s the Todd show. GP stuff, F56 Stuff and car sounds stuff. Plus the speed round of “What’s up with our MINIs”! Good stuff all around! As we mentioned, I was in Phoenix and Todd was in Philly and based on the drunk texts and photos that were flying back and forth, I can tell you that we both had a great time! Hopefully we got to hang out with some of you and if we did, thanks!

Live show this week? Who’s in? Let’s call it shortly after 9PM CST. Watch the usual places for that to happen.

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Woofcast #504


Todd, Chad and I got together and had a great time. Luckily, we even managed to record it! We are all over the place tonight, with news from MotoringFile, an Ask Chad question, and a little bit of sportsball. #brackets. Oh, the MINI above? Our opinion, it’s the looker of the bunch. Which do you guys prefer? Sound off in the comments!

This weekend, if you are in Philly, stop and say hi to Todd. If you are in Phoenix, stop by and say hi to db. If you are close enough to DT, stop by and say hi to Chad.

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Woofcast #503


WRR Shout-outs (go PHILLY!) and weather before we are surprised by a visit from Gabe. He asked us to him spec the next MotoringFile company car; the F56. Sure it will be fully loaded, BRG with a white roof (we hope) and, I hope you are sitting down, it might be a Cooper. Oh, and we do talk about more than the spec of the next company car. Join us!

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Woofcast #502


Not gonna lie guys, but this a pretty awesome hour of MINI stuff right here. No foolin’! News from MotoringFile like we like to do, including you getting the chance to help design the next MotoringFile MINI, some great talk about old ugly cars and Chad calls Todd a chic. Add in some Ask Chad and some Shuttle Cast and you’ve got your self a show.

Don’t forget our fine sponsors, click any of the banners to check ‘em out. New coupon code can be found in the show, as always. Also, now would be a really great time to share White Roof Radio with your MINI friends, club, dealer or whoever will listen! And, you know, a review would be keen too.

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Anders Warming Introduces the Clubman Concept

The MINI we just can’t shut up about, in video form with Head of MINI Design, Anders Warming. We’re sold, what about you?

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