Woofcast #527 – The Windows Phone of the Auto World


We are back with a fresh episode of the mighty woofcast for you this week, joined by special guest Casey Liss (,,, @caseyliss), who joined us tonight to talk about cars, news from MotoringFile and Todd getting in an accident. It was a great time and hope you enjoyed hearing him as much as we enjoyed having us on the show.

Ask Chad next week. The inbox is still out of commission, so use the contact form to those questions into us!

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From the Archives: Woofcast 397


So, we had a week. Then, we had a weekend. Which means we weren’t able to get together to make a fresh batch of Woofcast for y’all this week. Luckily, We have almost 10 years of archives. I remembered we did a whole show of out-takes and other silliness and posted it up 3 weeks before Woofcast 400.

Good times. Regular service will resume next week. Don’t forget to take a minute a visit our sponsors; Out Motoring, Craven Speed and Motoring Badges.

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detroit tuned

Woofcast #526


Tonight we interview James Stanton, Partner Product Manager at Glympse, the app that allows you to let people know where you are. It was a great interview and gives us all of the information about upcoming features, other partners and some really unique ways the app has been used. You can find it in your app store of choice for Windows Mobile, Android and iOS. We are fans and think you would like it too.

Also, tonights episode was edited. We were going to talk about MPG of the F56, but we are holding off on that, for now, waiting for some more information and clarification from MINI and/or MINIUSA.

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Woofcast #525:


We snuck a live show in last week, testing to make sure everything still works. Will be doing it again for Woofcast #527, so watch out for that. We cover news from, like we like to do, and answer an Ask Chad question. If you have a question for the good reverend, head over to the contact form and send it over. The askchad@ inbox has been disabled temporarily but will be back in about a week.

Also, we are looking at possibly adding another show; The Shuttle Cast. Not in the WRR feed, not part of the Woofcast, but it’s actual own show, maybe twice a month. We would talk about things that aren’t MINI related like tech, entertainment, food and other miscellaneous nerdery. If this is something you think you would like, leave us a note below. Otherwise, we do have some cool things coming up! Make sure to stay subscribed so you don’t miss any of it!

Looking for a spare tire for your MINI Cooper S? Have an F56? Find them here. DetroitTuned has you covered!

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Woofcast #525 LIVE

Don’t let the YouTube title fool you, we were recording Woofcast 525, live, but are done. You can watch again if you like anytime here, plus the regular version will be available Monday night like always.

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Woofcast #524: I’ve got a tool for you


A proper automotive podcast for you guys this week, like we like to do. News from as always, including this cool video of MINIs being built, a really great #mtts2014 video and a few notes I wrote up about #mtts 2014 in case you missed it.

After news, we go right into a great session of Ask Chad! The good reverend answers your questions, relatively free of charge. All you have to do is email those in to to get yours answered too. Oh, and follow Detroit Tuned on Instagram while you are at it.

Finally, we asked many questions this week. Comments are open here and Facebook and would love to know what you guys think!

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Woofcast #523


Gabe joins us this week and start with a little Shuttle Cast. Note to the affiliates, we do go long. Once we finish talking tech, of course we go right into news from MotoringFile, including the new configurator and the 5 Door 4 Door Hardtop and the F56 engine revisions. Another great show, you should listen!

Want some cool looking mirror caps? Have you seen this over at Outmotoring? Pretty awesome, and if you have already signed up for the email newsletter, you should have a nice 5% discount sitting in your inbox! Something else to check out is the new Official WRR Store! Cool stuff to be sure. And you should also check out the MINI Smartphone Mount Pro Series over at I can’t live without in my MINI and think you would really like it too.

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