That’s right, the boys are doing another LIVE show tonight starting at 6:00PM PST, 8:00PM CST and 9:00PM EST via

Update…We are done and are pleased with the results. For those of you that came by to check us out, thanks! I’m sure this is something we will do in the future.

In the past we have used for our live shows with the comments are Motoringfile. While that worked kinda ok, it wasn’t the best solution. We are hoping that Talkshoe will better suit our needs, even tho the audio quality isn’t quite as good and there isn’t video.

To listen along at home, just follow the links to our page on TalkShoe and click Listen Now. No need to sign up or anything. However, if you want to join us in the chat room or possibly have the chance to call in, you will need a free account. It only takes a minute and I think the added benefits are definitely worth it!

We’ll talk to all y’all later tonight!