A delay

I’ll bet you are wondering where tonight’s episode is. Well, don’t worry, it’s coming. We had a few technical *opportunities* earlier in the day that we have worked out and should have Woof #3 posted in a few hours!

Thanks for your patience 🙂

4 replies on “A delay”

  1. According to MINI TIS, the proper torque for wheel bolts is 120 +/-10 Nm.

    That converts to 88.51 ft.lbs (plus or minus 7.376 ft.lbs).

    So, the proper range is 81.2 to 95.9 foot pounds.

    One Newton Meter is equal to .7376 Foot Pounds.

    (from a search on NAM)


    You will be the proud recipient of WRR swag, just as soon as we have some, or a gmail account right now!

    So I was pretty close when I said 90 🙂

  3. Yea, I pretty much borked the answer with 78 ft. lb.

    Don’t worry though, I would check the manual before I ever torque my own lugs. : )

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