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WRR Exclusive: MTTS 2012 Details

MTTS Monday

Todd just found some details about the upcoming MINI Takes the States event. The dates are July 4-15 and it will be a cross country trip from east to west. Route details, events and other information is not yet available.

MINI Takes the States is a giant, bi-annual, road trip put on by MINIUSA. It started in 2006 as a way to celebrate the MINI Cooper JCW GP. It was such a huge hit that it has been repeated in 2008 and 2010, both of which were great events!

Stay tuned. Todd is in Detroit at the NAIAS and is getting some great interviews. Expect more exclusives very very soon!

MTTS Headliner and Event update

MTTS Route Map

With less than a month to go, our friend Gina Koutros from MINIUSA took some time from her hectic schedule to give us some updates about MINI Takes the States, which is shaping up to be the largest MTTS to date!

If you haven’t decided if you are going yet, don’t forget there will be a Countryman (R60) at each of the kick-off cities driving to Denver. If you wanted to see this MINI in person, now is the time to do it!

Once in Denver, besides all of the regular festival fun and games, there will be the MTTS Music Stage featuring local talent during the day, headlined by **Blues Traveller**! For those of you that caught them in ’08 during the Chicago leg of MTTS you remember what a great show they put on.

Finally, do not forget that MINIs in the Mountains has some cool stuff planned for us as well! And to make sure that you get all of the cool stuff available, you do want to register! It’s for a great cause and ensures that your goodie bag is waiting for you when you arrive. If you are planning on attending both events, make sure to get over to the MitM website and get registered.

If you aren’t able to attend any of the legs or the festivals in Denver and Winterpark, don’t sweat. White Roof Radio has your covered! We will be updating Twitter as we go, plus posting to the White Roof Radio Facebook page. If you want to make sure you are getting the good information, then you should also follow @MTTS2010 on Twitter too!

MTTS Update:

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MF Exclusive: Factory JCW (The Burble is Back!)

Factory JCW MINIReprinted from Motoringfile to get it into the feed.

Exclusive! The Factory JCW will be getting the burble exhaust sound back as was on late R53 models. This is great news and you can see and hear for yourself at your local dealer starting July 14.

If you have the chance to test drive the MINI JCW you must take the opportunity but if you are a fan of the JCW you better get your order in now. Starting July 14 MINI will begin delivering the MINI JCW to U.S. dealers for some eager early adopters. The MINI JCW will be making appearances at the remaining MTTS events in Chicago and LA in late July and early August.

Special Announcement!

We’ve been leading up to this for the last few weeks. Finally it’s time to fill you in on what’s going on.

MINI has selected White Roof Radio to be the Official Podcast of MINI United 2007! We have been invited to Amsterdam to cover the event live, as it happens!

Todd and I will be traveling to Amsterdam, Netherlands in late June and spend the entire weekend at the event. Of course, Gabe will be there as well, but starting from Germany for some time on the ‘ring and traveling with a local club to the event. You can expect updates to happen multiple times per day and almost live, much the same way we covered MTTS. Of course, all of those posts will be showing up here, Motoringfile and the MINI United blog, where Gabe and I will also be posting during and before the event.

Something new for Whiteroofradio and Motoringfile will be the possible edition of video. Gabe has a hot new camera that he will be testing at this years Dragon and he will also be bringing it along to MINI United.

This is something that has been in the planning stages since AMVIV and we have had to sit on it until now. To say we are excited is a bit of an understatement! I was very proud to hear that MINI enjoyed our MTTS coverage so much that they wanted the same thing for MINI United! I would also like to thank MINI for giving us the opportunity to show the rest of the world what the power of Podcasting is capable of!

It’s going to be a great event gang! We encourage everyone to go over to the MINI United 2007 site and sign up. If you are in the States, be sure to check out MINIUSA.com for information and some special events if you would like to go.

Check back later this morning for our first interview with Shawn Ticehurst from MINI about the event!

Whiteroofradio Special Announcement:


Whiteroofradio/Motoringfile News update

A short news special about the upcoming MINI GP, including announced specifications plus a few things we have heard. Also, as much information that we have about the Monterey Delivery option.

Check back next Monday for a full recap including our take more information about Todd actually placing his order!

Todd did the hard part

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