Woofcast 547: Travel Like a Wad of Cash to the Safe


Todd drives a VW GTI in Las Vegas. And likes it! We talk about that for quite a bit before going to news from MotoringFile. Played with a new way of sharing the show live for you guys, watch for us to do that way more often!

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Woofcast 546: Favorite Thing To Do With My Clothes On


First, thanks to all of our Philly MINI peeps for returning the boys safely to their respective homes. Very glad a good time was had by all and Todd was able to work his magic, including this fine roof graphic. After more Philly love, and a shout out to our man Big Jack for for helping to support the show, we do move into news of the week from MotoringFile. Oh, you know you want to nerd out about the Mackinac Bridge. Go ahead, we won’t tell.

For those of you that play the home game, you already know about db’s new bike. But in talking about that, it got us to talking about hauling stuff with your MINI on the roof. Looking for the R56 rack? Click the image above. Looking for other options, MINIdoMore has your covered!

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detroit tuned

Woofcast #545: I’d Rather Have a Moped


We start out with some event reminders to keep you guys in the loop. If you are one that is going to be attending AMVIV, you should be getting registered at The Silverton sooner than later. Last week they were already at 75% capacity on the room rate. While you are there, you should also register for the event as well.

Followed by news from, including this post by Alex last week. We would be curious what your thoughts are on how MINI could innovate within the automotive industry. What do you think? Click over and leave a comment!

For those of you in Philly, please take care of Todd this weekend and know that I am seriously bummed that I’m missing it!

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Woofcast #544: This Time, We Mean It


Technical glitches kept us from getting this episode up on time for you guys. Our apologies. ~db

Guests are back! This week, Shawn Myers and Charlie Volgelheim from the Motor Trend Podcast join us to talk about MINIs. If you haven’t subscribed to their show, you really should, especially for their award-winning episode from MTTS (Episode #016).

Beside going through the gazillion of cars that Shawn and Charlie have driven, we talk about news from MotoringFile including: Gabe’s summer tire adventures during winter-time, MINI worldwide sales, the upcoming debut of the F57 Convertible, and buying a MINI online. And of course, this wouldn’t be a true Woofcast without some tire and GP talk.

As always, thanks to,, and for sponsoring the show. We are also very close to reaching out $100 goal on Patreon, so don’t hesitate to pitch-in!

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Woofcast #543: Plastidip and the Future of Mobility


Joined by Gabe yet again for a rousing rendition of The World Famous White Roof Radio. We cover news of the week from MotoringFile as usual,including small wheels and the state of in car infotainment systems. Should we keep apologizing for auto makers or is it time for them to realize that they can’t do tech? Sound off in the comments below!

Did you catch the new sponsor MotoringStripes? Todd will know sell you his world famous stripes that you can install on your MINI, no need for a graphics party! Be sure to check out the Countyman Boot Protector, a must have for you R60 owners. More designs coming very soon, so keep an eye on the site!

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Woofcast #542: The Turbo Nipple


Joined by Mr. Gabe Bridger from MotoringFile this week and recorded live. Thanks to everyone for coming by to watch and listen! We covered news and whatever else came along. Plus, we let Gabe talk a bit about the new Company Car with it’s tiny wheels with Summer tires during a typical Chicago winter.

And you heard about a new sponsor under the White Roof. That would be MotoringStripes, where you can actually buy some of Todd’s stripes directly from the source. Be sure to get over there to check it out!

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Woofcast #542 Live!

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