Woofcast #533 – LIVE

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Woofcast #525 LIVE

Don’t let the YouTube title fool you, we were recording Woofcast 525, live, but are done. You can watch again if you like anytime here, plus the regular version will be available Monday night like always.

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detroit tuned

Hot Weather MINI Testing

Taking a break from #mtts2014 to share this video shot by an eagle eye’d White Roof Radio Listener in Las Vegas. Looks like the F56 convertible and New Clubman are out for some hot weather testing in the Nevada desert.

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F56 vs. Fiat Abarth

Watch as the MINI handily trounces the Fiat in both the 1/4 mile and full mile.

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Anders Warming Introduces the Clubman Concept

The MINI we just can’t shut up about, in video form with Head of MINI Design, Anders Warming. We’re sold, what about you?

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Woofcast #499 LIVE

A little more than a week until the live show! We are starting in just a few minutes!

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The New MINI in Production

The TestDriven channel got the chance to film the F56 Production process. This is a great way to spend about 10 minutes, especially if you are interested in the New MINI.

Speaking of, Gabe is in Puerto Rico test driving the F56 as you read this! He has already posted photos and video to the brand new @MotoringFile Instagram page!

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