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MINI United Interview #2

MU BannerShawn Ticehurts took some time out with us again this morning for a more detailed update of the goings on at MINI United 2007. Only 3 more weeks gang!

He fills us in on what’s going on during the event including most of the live entertainment, the track schedule and beach activities! Plus, a few surprises. Of course he couldn’t let us know about those. They wouldn’t be much of surprise if he did.

MINI United is being held in Amsterdam, Netherlands at Zandvoort Raceway, June 22-24 2007. If you are in the US and are interested in going, click over to MINIUSA.com for details.

To stay up-to-date with all that is going on with MINI United 2007, be sure to check out the news page at MINIUnited.com. Also, there is the brand-spankin’ new MINI United blog that Gabe and I will be posting to. Ok, mostly Gabe, but I’ll spell check. You can check that out at blog.miniunited.com. There is also the Flickr group and of course we’ll be posting audio, video and reports here and at Motoringfile.

MINI United Interview #2:

Download | 12:33 | 6.6MB

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