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MINI United Interview #3

MU BannerTodd and I spend some time with Shawn Ticehurst one last time before the big event. Who’s excited?

As you listen to this, Gabe is furiously packing in preparation for Germany while Todd and I are busy getting everything in order before we head out Monday for our tour of the MINI Plant before meeting up with Gabe in Amsterdam on Thursday. Did I mention Gabe will be driving the ‘ring?

Before then, we expect to have a few things posted for you to listen too, watch, read and look at. Keep an eye on the Flickr Group, the MINI United blog and of course Whiteroofradio and Motoringfile.

Until next week gang!

MINI United Interview #3:

Download | 12:39 | 15.3MB

5 thoughts on “MINI United Interview #3

  1. I’ll bet. However, you won’t be getting any pity from me, Mr. Amsterdam.

    I’m glad you guys are going so that I can enjoy MINI United through you. Cheers.

    Just wishing I could be there.

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