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Monterey Day 2


As you all know Friday was delivery day for 32 lucky GP owners in Monterey. I was able to capture some interviews with a few of the owners and even a few words from Mike Cooper himself. Michael Cooper is actually John Michael Cooper so he signed my GP dash as John Cooper with a remarkable flair that you might recognize. Check the flicker for a rather poor camera phone image. I’m still without a way to get pictures from my camera to the laptop but I should have those photos transferred and posted shortly.

For now enjoy about 20 minutes of interviews and fun audio from GP delivery day in Monterey.


Download | 17:51 | 16.4MB

5 thoughts on “Monterey Day 2

  1. Great job, Todd. The interviews were terrific. Ask Ian C. if his MINI Canada special shirts arrived in time. I hope so – they’re very unique and will look good in a GP!

    Keep those mp3 files coming, man. You’ve taken me to Monterey!


  2. Todd, you were so excited when you were describing your GP that your voice was shaking. Well done! I could feel the excitement!

    Now, get out of your GP and get those damn pictures posted!


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