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MTTS Coverage: Fireball Tim gets a flat!

MTTS.pngOn his journey from New Mexicon to Amarillo, Texas, Tim had a run in with something that actually caused the run flat tire to go flat!

But, who came to his rescue? That’s right a Cooper owner! Becky was kind enough to loan Tim her spare for the GP. Tim said the wheel was a little scratched, but not bad. And, he was able to get everything fixed up by MINI Roadside in Amarillo.

Big Thanks to:
Becky Smyth, S. Carolina (She’s the blonde that gave us the tire!)
Re’ne Bynum, Texas
Keith LeWarne, California
John Griffin, Studio City, CA
Greg and Marcia Sorini, San Diego, CA


Download | 17:51 | 16.4MB