Just getting it into the feed gang. Notes to follow. Special thanks to our man Brian Dallas for covering for db (who was sick) and Alex (who was something else).

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News from MotoringFile, including a visit by Gabe as we drove around Vegas in a Dodge Dart, Ask Chad and some programing updates. Oh, and we talk MINI advertising in preparation for the Super Bowl ad and this story we found that we thought was interesting. Also it was pre seeing the actual ad.

Ask Chad links to help keep your MINI cool:

3 questions answered. Thanks for sending those in! If you had a question for our good man Chad, you know what to do. Watch also for this week’s MotorTrend Audio podcast. I was interviewed by our man Charlie. It should be awesome! Easiest way to get that show is to subscribe in your favorite podcast client.

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News from MotoringFile.com, including some talk about the new convertible, new transmissions and the new Clubman with All4. Not to mention some shocking numbers about the resale value of the F56. Truly shocking.

We are back from Vegas and a good time was had by all. We actually got to talk to Gabe about the new company car that we will be sharing next week. Plus a few other things as we are able to share them.

Don’t forget the sponsors this week either! OutMotoring.com has those awesome rubber floor mats and CravenSpeed.com has those awesome all the things! Be sure to mention White Roof Radio when placing your orders. We really appreciate that and so do they!

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Big show this week. BIG show! We have tech updates, we have news from MotoringFile.com and Chad lays down the knowledge! Not only that, but we found some minor issues with the new owners lounge and reminisce about the owners lounge. Plus so much more.

Don’t forget to check out BimmerFile for all of the NAIAS coverage. You can also find some great photos on Gabe’s Instagram.

We have a really big 2016 on deck. We hope you stick around for what is still to come!

(PS. MINIUSA.com is still wrong)

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Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 10.32.09 AM

We are back from our end of year holiday break and feeling excited for 2016! Of course we start by talking about weather, like we like to do. News from MotoringFile, an Ask Chad question, car talk and exciting events! It’s going to be a great year gang, and we hope you stick around with us for the whole bit.

Links? We’ve got a few of those for you this week. MTTS 2016, Southwest MINI Fest and the wrecking yard part finder car-part.com.

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In case you missed it in Woofcast 577, here is the audio from the Clubman press event in Savannah, GA. In which, Gabe and Todd wax poetic about the Clubman and the boring state of roads in Georgia, and the Clubman.

Regular service will resume the 2nd week of January, 2016 with Woofcast 579, schedule to drop Monday, January 11th, 2016.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the final episode of White Roof Radio for 2015. Finishing off the beginning of our 10th year podcasting with some news, views, opinions, mud flaps and nothing, I repeat nothing about Star Wars! Oh, and the mullet, to help Alex with his citizenship requirements.

All of the news from MotoringFile, plus the store about BMW getting hit with 40m in fines. As we spoke about a few shows ago, MINI is scaling back it’s auto show presence.

As we finish off the year, please take a minute to remember all of the sponsors that help us to keep up and running! Outmotoring.com, Craven Speed, Detroit Tuned and Motoring Stripes.

Finally, a HUGE thanks to you, the fine and good looking White Roof Radio audience that also helps to support us over at Patreon. Every little bit helps make us better. Better, stronger, faster.

See you in 2016. This is db, I’m done!

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