Last week we had the privilege of interviewing Stephen Simpson, one of the drivers of the MINI JCW Racing Team.

It was a great conversion not only because Stephen’s a great guy, but also because we learned so much about how the team came about and what made it successful.

The one thing that surprised us the most is the level of fan support the team received during the season. Of note they took the second place finish at Road Atlanta, the last race of the season.

And if you want to re-watch the race, it will air on Fox Sports 1 (FS1) tomorrow (check your local listings for time).

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News from MotoringFile tonight, like we like to do. When you get a chance, Gabe has a great write up after checking out the Clubman last week and you can read that here. You can check out the epic photo of the Amazon Prime Motoring Show lads here. And check out Library of Motoring here. Oh, and we might have spent some time talking about Android Auto vs. Apple Car Play (as seen on the Facebook page last week)

Besides that, Todd and Alex had a great interview with Stephen Simpson from Lap Motor Sports(Follow on FB too!). You should already be keeping track of everything, but they did finish the racing season with a second place at Road Atlanta. They did a great job last season and we are really looking forward to the next!

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  • News from MotoringFile? Check.
  • Ask Chad? Check.
  • Awesome iPhone talk? Check.

Plus, Todd schools us on the electric seats and how big of a rip-off they really are. No, really, listen. A quick update about my MINI and the MPG. Hint; it’s getting better. And Chad lays down the knowledge during Ask Chad. If you are looking for those parts (as seen above) you can get them at the following links.

I’m also asking around to make sure all y’all are getting the show ok, no matter where you get it. If you have trouble, please be sure to let us know in the show notes, via email or via the contract form. Thanks!

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We heard you like the new Clubman, so we put some Clubman in your Clubman. #Clubman. You might have guessed that we spent a fair amount of time talking about the Clubman (!), mostly because the configurator went live. We all took the time to do a quick build out, even with all of the quirks in the configurator. Have you built yours? If so, share it over on the White Roof Radio Facebook page or below in the comments. Let’s see what you built!

Also, Alex is going to Nascar, the Pope was in a Fiat and a little more VW bashing. And some updates about my MINI and a few other things. All good stuff gang, you aren’t going to want to miss it!

Speaking of missing it, if you have noticed the show not showing up in iTunes, there was a glitch in the matrix making things not show up correctly. I think it’s been fixed, but if you are having any issues, please let us know.

Finally, Craven Speed. Go over there and check them out. Our favorites are the shifter stuff, Squeezy thing stuff and performance stuff (including some great parts for you F56 owners). All good stuff, all super high tech, all super awesome. Go on over and check it all out!

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bluetooth exhaust tag

Starting off picking on Alex because he won’t stop using Waze and I tell my Waze story. We wish it worked, but Todd started his installation 4 months ago and it’s still not done. Once we finish with that nonsense, Todd tells us about his experience looking at Volvo’s (you’re welcome!). Then, it’s news from MotoringFile, mostly about the Clubman as you can expect. Keep an eye out at your dealer to possibly catch a glimpse before the end of October. We also talk about VW cheating emmissions. This can only end badly for them, as the stock market today is already starting to show.

We finally have time to share the sounds clips Todd recorded in the F56 MINI Cooper S with JCW exhaust. Don’t forget to get the full skinny about this upgrade that Pedro from has been doing to his F56.

Head over to to save up to 10% on selected Alta Performance parts. There are some great pieces there that you must need for you MINI.

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Back to normal, finally! We have your news from MotoringFile, another Ask Chad Question and db rants about hipsters! You guys are in for a real treat. Be sure to stick around after the clicking sound if you want to listen to a little Shuttle Cast. If you don’t, no harm, no foul, you can stop at the clicking sound as usual.

Also, be sure to take a minute and check out the sponsors and Craven Speed for anything and everything you need for you MINI. Be sure to add Detroit Tuned to that list too!

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We were delayed by the holiday gang,thanks for you patience! The latest news from MotoringFile, a great Ask Chad question and some talk about Volvos.

Full notes with links to follow later today.

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