The New MINI in Production

The TestDriven channel got the chance to film the F56 Production process. This is a great way to spend about 10 minutes, especially if you are interested in the New MINI.

Speaking of, Gabe is in Puerto Rico test driving the F56 as you read this! He has already posted photos and video to the brand new @MotoringFile Instagram page!

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Woofcast #497


Kicking off what will be a lot of F56 coverage this week! We recap NAIAS with Gabe and Todd, giving us the low down on the New MINI and what we can expect in the future. We don’t really talk about Justin Beiber, but we do talk about MINIUSA executives, which is always a good time.

Reminder; Woofcast 500 LIVE is less than a month away! We will all be in Phoenix where the sky is blue, the sun is warm and the ground is snow free. Would be awesome if you could join us!

Woofcast 497:

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detroit tuned

From the Archives: Woofcast #32

Our last break before Woofcast #500. This is to ensure the numbers line up (check it) and to give the lads a break from Detroit. We will be back next week with a brand new show!


Full crew tonight with so much show we had to split it into 2 parts!

-Department of clarification. Motoringfile is Motoringfile, Whiteroofradio is Whiteroofradio -No business model whatsoever (you can trust me on this one) -Gabe sheds a tear -Putting up some HUGE numbers this month -Todd putting down the pledge drive -Big news of the week from Motoringfile -Part 1 Interview with Randy Webb –Unobtainium bushing material for the Extreme Sway Bar –Upcoming hot new products! Keep an eye on this thread for more information –What’s upcoming for the race season -More audio comments from Robert in Canada! Stay tuned next week for part II.

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Woofcast 32: Todd did the hard part

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Detroit NAIAS


White Roof Radio and MotoringFile were at the 2014 NAIAS in Detroit. Todd and Gabe were able to interview Pat and Chris from MINIUSA about the JCW Concept, MTTS, the Paceman, the F56 and anything else you can think of. It’s a great interview that we think you will really enjoy!

Todd was able to get some great shots that he shared on Instagram and the full MotoringFile Gallery can be viewed here. We know you are looking for as many photos of the F56 and JCW Concept as possible, so go check them out!

Don’t forget about Woofcast #500 coming up next month! Happening in Phoenix, AZ at Eurotechs. It’s the only time Todd will be on the west coast if you want graphics and the first time we’ve done a truly live thing since Woofcast #400! Should be a great time, with a great party and would love for you to join us. If you are planning to attend, a quick RSVP on Facebook would be fantastic.

2014 NAIAS:

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Woofcast #496


Jumping right back into for the new year with the GP show, part 72. Add in some event reminders and we have ourselves a show. Programming note; We will be a day late next week because the boys are going to be at Detroit for the NAIAS.

We also talking about the Final Test Test Drive contest. It’s time to get your vote on! Just click the banner above to check out the entries. Remember, 10 lucky winners get to test drive a New MINI (F56) before anyone else and 1 of them will get to custom design their own special edition MINI!

Woofcast #500 is right around the corner gang. Are you planning on attending? You should RSVP please and thank you. Would love to get as close to a solid head count before the show. Also, it’s the only time to see Todd in the West if you want some graphics work done.

Woofcast 496:

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Woofcast #496 – LIVE

Thanks everyone for joining us! Audio version of this will be available on Monday.

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Woofcast #495


Last show of the year. We were live last Thursday, and this is what you missed! Another great show for you guys I think!

Hope every one has a great Holiday! We’ll be back in 2014!

Woofcast 495:

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