Firing up the way back machine again for you guys, but only once this week. Between Chad recovering from MINI on the Mac and Todd printing t-shirts and recovering from the Vegas heat and Alex being out of the country, thought it would be good time to take a break. Enjoy.

This was the first episode in which Mr. Babishkin from the The Bloke and A Bird podcast appeared, plus we talked about the M600. You remember that, don’t you?

Normal service resumes next week. Thanks for your patience, as always!

We start off the next century of White Roof Radio with Michael Babishkin, in for Gabe tonight, as we cover news of the week. Todd blathers on some more about the JCW steering wheel, we talk about the newest VW commercials and a little R56 talk. Oh yea, we also talk about the availability of the parcel shelf and a bit about the M600 run last week.

Check back Monday morning to guess your time for the M600 at Pomona next weekend! That gives you a whole day to think about it. Here are our guesses:

  • Todd…10.27
  • Michael…10.35
  • db…10.4 @ 130-ish MPH

Whoever comes closest without going over wins a brand spankin’ new WRR T-Shirt!

Update…Upon hearing about our contest, Fireball Tim has decided to kick in for the prize pool! Check back tomorrow morning to see what it is. Trust me, it’s very very cool!

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Continuing our trip through the way back machine with the 2nd episode of The World Famous White Roof Radio!

Again with Gabe Bridger, we touch on quite a few things…

  • This week on Motoringfile
  • This week on dbmini. Can we stop with the wax?
  • MSRP vs. Over charge
  • Buy local vs. Buy out of state
  • Good service = be nice
  • db debuts new sound effects
  • Selling a MINI
  • Warranty fixes…dealer vs. aftermarket
  • Good service = be nice
  • Gabe avoids the MINI Police once again
  • Todd really has good ideas. No, really.
  • Gabe got a $3 mic…sounds much better.
  • Next weeks topic is still a secret…listen back on Wednesday.

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Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Gabe joins us tonight to talk about news from MotoringFile and his time with the new JCW, after Chad recaps MINI on the Mack. Listen for him and AJ soon on the MotorTrend Podcast!

Gabe’s full review of the JCW can be found at Besides all of that, we also talk about this article which turns into a whole thing and MINI Connected/Apple Car Play. Oh, and the Fiat vs MINI video.

For those of you that don’t get the newsletter, you missed the 40+ new products. Go, check it out. Remember, getting the email newsletter gets you your very own 5% discount code!

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Where it all started way back in 2005. I present to you the first Woofcast as it was originally posted. Most of the links don’t work, but the audio does and that’s what you are hear for anyway, right?

A quick welcome to the new home of the db & Todd podcast.
–Todd has wicked bad allergies and he’s not doing his worst Darth Vader imitation so apologies for the mouth-breathing. Some of that might be db too. We’re working on it. –Listener feedback always welcome! or, as always, leave a comment in the show notes. –Sunday’s topic will be dealer service, since we pre-empted it last Sunday. We will be taking listener emails and IM’s at the following addresses. Email: IM: via AOL Instant Messenger or iChat to WhiteRoofRadio –Playlist submissions. Send in those motoring mixes to! Todd and I will go through them and select 1 to post over there on the right for the entire week. Preferred method would be a link to an iTunes Music Store iMix, but a list of the track with artist will be ok too. –Drinking game. I’ll get that posted here in a few days.

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2015 JCW Mini  Hardtop Americas Launch Event.

2015 JCW Mini Hardtop Americas Launch Event.

On this, the 10th ANNIVERSARY of White Roof Radio, we are joined by our good friend AJ on her way to the Mack. Then, we talk about the Top Gear boys heading to Amazon Prime, MINI on the Mack, recalls and Alex recaps his trip to Lime Rock and his time in the new F56 JCW. Plus, don’t forget to check out to check if you have any outstanding recalls on your car. Oh yea, and bunny girl.

And, yes, 10 years ago TODAY we released the very first episode of White Roof Radio. Over 700 unique shows, interviews with the who’s who in the MINI Community, events and owners that we have met along the way. No way, NO WAY, we could have done this without you guys. Seriously.

Also, no way, NO WAY, I could have done this without Gabe, Nathaniel, Chad, Micheal and Alex. I’m working on fixing the archives and the feed to make it easier to find the older shows that these guys helped to make awesome. And, for sure, no way White Roof Radio would be what it is today without our man Todd. Every week he tolerates my crap and puts together the highest rated and longest running independent Podcast on the planet! No way I would still be doing this if it wasn’t for him.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for subscribing. Thanks for supporting us. And, most of all, thank you for listening to us talk about MINI Cooper Stuff (like we like to do) every week.

Stick around. We have some amazing things on deck. Sure, it’s been 10 years but we are just getting started!

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Special treat this week for you guys. Joined by the world famous Gabriel Bridger, who was with Alex in Connecticut for the JCW Press weekend. They get to all of this after Gabe tells me how awesome my car looks, painted arches and all. After that, and discovering that Alex is slowly turning into an American, Gabe and Alex talk about what they know so far (to last Thursday), about the new JCW. We even manage to answer an Ask Chad questions. Big show this week. BIG SHOW!

And, be sure to take a few minutes to check out and CravenSpeed for all of your MINI Cooper needs, wants and desires.

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Alternately titled: Check Your Oil! Go, do it today. Thank you.

With that out of the way, it’s us talking about MINI stuff, like we like to do. News from, we talk a little bit about my MINI and brakes. And race cars. And checking your oil. And family.

Patrick George had to cancel for tonight. We hope he was wearing pants.

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