All over the automotive landscape tonight. MINI News, as usual, plus a few other things. Like how this featuring the ridiculous BMW commercial (below). And more about how the car show is dying. And a little about the upcoming All4 Clubman. That and we finally let Alex make a Star Wars reference!

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Todd, Alex and I talking more about what is wrong with MINI these days. There is a prerequisite for this show. Go over and read the Hipster Malarky about the new MINI Seven first. It is truly some of the most ridiculous marketing materials we have ever read.

When you are done, take a minute to peruse the original R50 Press Release. Also, if you haven’t seen the Rebel Without Pause video, now is your chance.

Finally, make your F56 key fob a bit easier to manage with this handy gizmo.

Good show tonight. Please join us!

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Talking about MINI Cooper stuff with Chad, Alex and Todd, like we like to do. News from Motoringfile as well as this story from the WSJ and this about pending lawsuits against MINI, plus a few other things. A great show if you ask me that you guys will really like!

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Actually a bit more than a day late, but by show time, it’s a day late. It’s the new math. News from Motoringfile, shout-outs to you guys (thanks for all the feedback on the last show) and talking to Todd about buying a new car every week. Plus, would you rent your MINI, AirBNB style, to a total stranger? Let us know!

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Alex is back! Since illness and other things kept us from making a show last week, you might think that we had a few things to say, and you’d be right. The boys were pretty revved up tonight, and I think it makes for a pretty great show!

Don’t forget, event season is just around the corner. Registration for MINIs on the Dragon and South West MINI Fest closes soon. Don’t forget about Mini Meet West happening in early June as well, in San Diego no less!

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With Chad out sick, Alex still adjusting to the cost of living in CA (and waiting for his show gear to arrive via donkey train, I think) and Gabe’s flight running late, Todd and I soldiered on. Talking about some good MINI stuff, like we like to do. We discussed sales, including this about the Clubman, Abby Wambaugh’s DUI and the lame attempts at April Fools. Really? Lambo doors again?

We also take a MINI to remind you about upcoming events and that the cool kids always register! Southwest MINI Fest is in June, registration closes April 30th. MINIs on the Dragon registration closes April 28th and you should already be registered for MINI Takes the States. If not, get on that sooner than later too (listen in for why).

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Joined by (Mr. MotoringFile)[http://www.motoringfile.com] tonight, we discuss all things F56, including some new revalations Todd shares about his new JCW. That, plus safety results (awesome!) and Gabe compares the new Clubman to the JCW Roadster. You are going to like this one!

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