News from MotoringFile.com, #mtts2016 updates, MINIs on the Mac updates and a whole lot more all in this week’s episode of The World Famous White Roof Radio. Also, be sure to check out our newest sponsor fun thing to play with, iamnotwearingpants.com. Keep checking back, that will be fun!

This week we’ll be joined by again by Patrick George talking about more car stuff and, more than likely,crashing Comaros. Next week we’ll have another special guest! We have some great shows for you as we ramp up to our 10th anniversary. Stay tuned!

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We start with dogs, move on to more dogs (via MINIUSA) and end, oddly enough, on dogs. In between, we do get to the latest news from MotoringFile, the last episode of Top Gear and my current experience with the Automatic ODB reader and error codes.

I’ve recommended this in the past on Facebook, but the best podcast that you aren’t listening to is 99% Invisible. Check it out, if for no other reason that the last 2 episodes talked about automation in planes and cars. Really interesting stuff for the nerds out there.

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We heard you like Clubman, so we put some Clubman in your Clubman. #clubman. Besides our thoughts on the latest MINI (spoiler alert; we like it), we have a very unique interview with Motoring Advisor Tony Poulson. Click through to nerd out on his art (and buy something if you like it!).

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Bringing you the Triple 5 this week, talking about a good interview with David Duncan, the new MINI logo (top right of the page), the upcoming 2016 model year changes and Alex’s petition to save the rear fogs in the US. And the new Clubman! And the Rendezvous video, if you haven’t seen it before.

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News from MotoringFile, including, but not limited to the new Clubman and JCW (again) before moving on to the content portion of the show. Please join Todd, Chad, Alex and me for another rousing round of White Roof Radio!

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Back from AMVIV, we talk about that, news from MotoringFile, jet powered MINI Coopers that crash and how children don’t like to drive. All this and more on this weeks episode.

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A little shaky cam video from AMVIV this last weekend. It was taken during the Motorama, which is a fancy word for going out to look at some cool MINI Coopers and raise money for a good cause.

We are back to recording this week. Show will be live (audio) as well starting shortly after 9p CST. Join us!