Woofcast #517


MTTS excitement is really starting to set in. Todd and I are booked the whole way and are getting excited about driving an F56 from San Fransisco to Boston. We also speculate about what MINIs we might see during the event, and dream about riding on a trailer. Finally, get your MTTS Decals and badges over at page 10 of, including the limited edition badge while supplies last.

From there, news from We talk about the new JCW body kit and MINI Sales and the 5 door and I rant, slightly, about automotive journalist writing styles. Comments are open, let us know your thoughts about anything we talked about!

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Woofcast #516


Starting off with a PSA from the boys under the White Roof before we move on to talking about pants, like we like to do. Then some sunroof/sunscreen talk before jumping into news from, including Gabe’s review of the F56 Cooper. He used the word smitten so you have to read it.

2 epic things are happening in less than 30 days time, at the same time. #mtts2014 and White Roof Radio celebrates our 9th anniversary. That’s right, 9 years of White Roof Radio and we will be celebrating in Austin Texas on August 1st! Hope to see you all there!

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detroit tuned

#mtts2014: Only 30 More Days


In 30 days time, on July 26th, 2014, a very large number of MINI Cooper enthusiasts will be driving from San Fransisco, CA, to Boston, MA for the 5th running of MINI Takes the States. Large number in this case being more than 300 that are driving all the way and, from what I have read on the internet, over 2,000 have been registered! That’s a lot of MINIs!

For those of you that aren’t familiar, MINI Takes the States (MTTS) is an event put on by MINIUSA to celebrate the MINI. Since 2006 it has run every other year celebrating such mile stones as both JCW GPs (1st and 2nd gen), the Countryman, the Clubvan (diesel, on a trailer) and the R56 that we all know and love. This year we are expecting the F56 to take center stage and I’m secretly hoping that the Superlaggera concept makes an appearance along the way.

If you are going, even if for a few legs, even if for only 1 leg, take the few minutes (and $45) to get registered so you can take advantage of everything that is MINI Takes the States! Registration lets them know to expect you, to have a swag bag for you and any other benefits/parties/really cool things available when you arrive. It’s the hottest ticket of the summer!

Team White Roof Radio will be going all the way, interviewing owners, taking pictures and making sure everyone gets their route map for the day during the morning meeting. Todd and I, along with the White Roof Radio Road Crew, will be providing non-stop coverage of #mtts2014 in photos, blog posts and maybe a little bit of video.

It’s going to be a great time and we hope to see all y’all out on the road!

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Woofcast #515


On tonight’s episode, db tries to make an echo, MINI factory runs out of paint, Todd drives a MINI with the autopark feature and Chad answers questions. And T-Shirts! For the record, my new favorite size is AWESOME! Of course we do news from Also check out Bigblogg on Facebook for the Thunder Gray/White MINI we were talking about.

From the dept. of corrections, Todd mentioned the issues with having to spend $1,000 to get the back-up camera. There is a memo and the Configurator will be updated in short time most likely. As always, check with your dealer for more details.

If you are looking for #mtts2014 badges, MotoringBadges is the place. Including the 17″ door magnet. If you want the big magnet, order soon! Cut off will be about July 15th if you want it before MTTS. If you would like to help support White Roof Radio, you can click over to our Patreon page. Any amount is greatly appreciated and helps a ton!

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Woofcast #514


Kicking off with talk about plastic surgery among other things. But the time we actually get into the room where we talk about MINI stuff like we like to do, some words about how you can help support White Roof Radio over at After that, it’s news from among other things.

More notes to follow.

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Woofcast #513


Last week, it was the SuperLaggera. This week we are all about the 5-door, Lego and fish sandwiches. Before all of that, we do start with a little Shuttlecast since the Mac Developer Conference was last week. But after that, we get right to #mtts2014 and news from

You heard correctly, during MTTS, it will be “Mornings with White Roof Radio” all the way from San Fransisco to Boston. If you are interested in being part of the WRR Road crew, there is still an opening or two available, even if you aren’t going all the way. We would love to have you part of the team! Email us if you are interested.

Finally, for those of you that have been asking to help support us, now you can!.

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Support White Roof Radio

On August 1st, 2014, White Roof Radio will be celebrating our 9th anniversary. And it’s time time to kick things up a few notches!

You guys have been offering to help out for as long as I can remember, now here it your chance. We aren’t charging for the show (will be free forever!), just giving you a chance to help support what we do. By support, I mean provide the ability to grow the show through advertising and getting word to the dealer network. Give us the ability to cover more MINI events like MINIs on the Dragon, MINIs in the Mountains and other National MINI events that we don’t get to cover.

Patreon will help you to help us! It’s easy to set up, you can set a maximum budget and stop contributing at any time. You don’t even have to contribute! White Roof Radio will remain free as long as we do the show. This of this more as an on-going Kickstarter-type program.

Ready to start? to get started. And, thanks!

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