A short show, sans Alex, for you this week. Bonus it’s a day late, and that’s on me. Apologies. News from Motoringfile, an update about my MINI and a few other odds and ends.

Todd and Gabe are in Georgia for the US Clubman Press Launch. Hopefully you have been following along on Instagram for the pictures. Audio from that will be coming this week as well, watch for it

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To those of you in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving. To the rest of you every where else, have a fantastic Thursday this week. We handle news from MotoringFile as always, including quite a bit more Clubman news, JCW stuff and our thoughts about the new convertible.

Also, we answer a group Ask Chad question, kind of, explaining the difference between a 1st generation and 2nd generation R56 and why the post LCI cars are better. If you have been around for any time, you have heard this conversation before.

When you have a minute, check out this gallery of photos from the LA Auto Show by Lex Adams. The photos are fantastic and we use them as our point of reference for a bunch of stuff this week.

In case you missed it, starting now until the end of the year, MotoringStripes.com is offering free shipping on all orders. Starting Wednesday, Detroit Tuned is offering free shipping on all orders over $150! That’s HUGE saving from both Todd and Chad for this holiday season, so don’t miss out!

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Lots of show for you guys tonight. To get this out of the way, thanks to everyone that reminded us that we missed the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald anniversary. Are you new here? No worries, Woofcast 21 will get you up to speed. The first 10 minutes are classic White Roof Radio and you really should listen.

Moving on, it’s BMW 135 vs. MINI Cooper JCW to get us started before we head into news about the Clubman and the upcoming Dakar rally. Finishing with some of the stores that caught our attention last week, especially this one about Utah’s freeway signs that might have trigged a short db rant. Maybe.

Also, over at Detroit Tuned, there is a very cool new seat belt wallet that you are going to want to have. Keep listening for a very special deal for the holidays too; FREE shipping on all orders over $150! Stock up for Christmas or yourself to take advantage of this great deal!

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Another big show for you guys! News from MotoringFile as usual, including us really digging the upcoming 4 door limited edition JCW Carbon Edition, which we think is going to be a winner. Too bad only about 150 of them are coming to the states. If you are interested, you should start bugging your dealer now!

Todd gives us the low down on SEMA. You should check out the photos on the WRR Instagram page. Looks like another great time was had by all. No, seriously, my entire internet last week was nothing by SEMA. It was awesome!

We talk a bit more about #MTTS2016. Click over to get on the email list to keep updated. Or, you know, stay tuned to White Roof Radio because you guys know we’ll get all of the information as it becomes available! Also check out the dyno pulls that Pedro posted over at MotoringFun.com. Interesting numbers coming out of the F56 JCW, especially if it’s slightly tuned.

Finally, a tech note. Some of you might have gotten some of the older shows in your feed this week. Apologies for any inconvenience that might have caused. I was fixing something with the feed. Everything should work as expected going forward.

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Our boy Alex loves the Star Wars. He started watching the new trailer last week and hasn’t stopped yet. Needless to say, we start with some Shuttle Cast this week. Besides Star Wars, some talk about Podcast Apps that we like.

Moving on, it is the convertible show. The new Convertible MINI was announced last week and that’s what we spend the most of the show talking about it. Add in some Consumer Reports (good) news, Alex’s take on Todd’s GP and NASCAR. There is a ton of show for you this week guys, enjoy!

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News from MotoringFile sure. That’s what we do. Talking about Alex heading to NASCAR at Kansas and to drive “The GP”. A little car gadget talk, including dash cams. And possible full engine replacements.

Plus, we can’t figure out why Alex likes this. C’mon gang, back up Todd and I with this! Comments are open.

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