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Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #1

Robert and his wife drive from Toronto to Ottawa. Into Kingston, thru the ‘big bend’, making stops and you even learn how they like their coffee!

Woof 46, for real, will be up tomorrow!

Robert did the hard part

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2 thoughts on “Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #1

  1. I love it, nice broadcast. This could spawn a side branch of episodes, the traveling series, engine sound and commentary required.

    Keep up the great work guys.

    Cheers from Saskatoon, Canada.

  2. The thing about the Big Bend is it is really is amazing at 160 km/hr (about 100 mph). It is a drive on a new, 3 lane highway into a deep valley, with a HUGE right turn at the bottom, and then a gear down to go up the hill on the other side.

    It’s made for MINI!


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