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Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #22


So db goes to Canada and didn’t even get you one of those crappy ‘my friend went to Canada and only brought back this crappy tshirt’ t-shirts. True enough, but I did get to spend sometime with Robert doing one of his world famous soundseeing tours.

Also true I am not a cute 14 year old girl. Not a problem there either since Robert actually let me drive his MINI. Ok, so it was an empty parking lot, but still.

Thanks again to Robert for coming out and hanging with me for the night. It was great fun!

Don’t forget to check out Robert’s other podcasts! Business Cast with him and Reader Guy offering tips to business. And, the now also World Famous Mobile Movie Minute with his lovely wife. They see movies and review them in his MINI!

Robert and db:

Download | 15.5MB | 16:54

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