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Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #25

It’s been a while since Robert’s done a soundseeing tour for us, being so busy with his other podcasts. This is one I’m sure you will like.

He is actually claiming that the Alta car he drove is _faster_ than the GP. I’m sure Todd will have something to say about that!

Be sure to check out Robert’s other shows. He can be found talking about movies in his MINI at The Mobile Movie Minute and laying down sound business advice for entrepreneurs at the Business Cast. Both are great shows worth checking out!

Robert’s Soundseeing Tour 25:

Download | 8.5MB | 8:51 | WRR @ iTunes

2 thoughts on “Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #25

  1. Thanks for talking about MINI’s, Robert!

    Always love the soundseeing tours, especially when I can have the pretend exhaust sounds flowing through my speakers. Makes me feel like I’m going faster than I really am. Loved how it trailed off with nothing but sounds from the car.

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