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Tanner Foust + The MINI Paceman All4


Tanner Foust, on this week’s Top Gear America, doing his best to help MINIUSA sell the Paceman All4. And, he does a damn fine job of it. Click the image above to go the History Channel to view. The Paceman segment is after the first commercial break.

Interesting that he did not know how to turn off DSC, but luckily it broke. Even more interesting is that this an automatic equipped Paceman and he still placed 5th for this stage. Comments are open, let us know what you think! Thanks to everyone for sending this in!

2 thoughts on “Tanner Foust + The MINI Paceman All4

  1. The actual driving after he broke DSC instead of turning it off almost made up for bashing the brand at the start of the segment.

  2. Overall it’s a good publicity stunt for MINI and especially for the Paceman who crucially needs it. Now I guess people will know it exists. Two things I didn’t like; 1. The DSC broke? Really? Ok it’s a rally road but still, that’s just poor quality mechanics in my opinion. 2. It was just too salesy. He repeated the brand and model a countless number of times and he arrived 5th not because of the car but mostly thanks to his professional driving skills. I was still fun to watch.

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