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Woofcast #100 Skype

Ok gang, are ya ready?

Click here to join the Skypecast.

You do need Skype for that link to work.

You know you have the right room if you hear the Woofcast themes or some of the Italian Job soundtrack. Don’t worry, we’ll all be there soon enough!

See ya inside!

64 thoughts on “Woofcast #100 Skype

  1. Hey Gang…that was awesome! Thanks for coming by and joining in the fun!

    Watch for us to do this again for sure. We might even make it a regular thing.

  2. Hey well that was pretty interesting, if just for a quick glimpse of what it takes to get set up and ready to go every week. The most interesting part was the troubleshooting in the beginning. Nice job!

    Ya’ll should find out who the dude was that explained the WRR podcast to one of his buddies in the beginning and send that guy some free swag!


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