Number 100. Can you believe it? I know I barely can. Amazing to think that we have done this over 100 times (as I type this).

Thanks of course to Robert and Michael for joining us tonight! Don’t forget to check out Robert’s latest soundseeing tour. And be sure to check out Michael and his lovely wife Patricia over at The Mail Bouy Podcast, especially if you are looking for some great information about cruising.

Thanks also to the sponsors to the woofcast. Without them (or you supporting them), there is no way we would have been able to grow the show!

  • Aaron and Andrea over at for being with us the longest and kicking down mad prizes for contests!
  • Randy and Brian over at Webb Motorsports for sporting our decals on their cars and talking us up at the races.
  • Matt over at for being one of the first and kicking in for prizes.
  • for sticking with us for so long!

Thanks to Todd for mixing the shows every week. For those of you that listened live, you should have an idea of how much work Todd has to do before the show goes up!

And of course thanks to Gabe for showing up. That’s all he does but he brings so much information and humor to the table (‘you just got passed by a horse!’) that the Woofcasts just wouldn’t be the same without him.

And finally, thank you for listening! And spreading the word. And giving us feedback. And… and… and… It’s because of you, the faithful WRR listener, is one of the highest rated automotive podcasts on the planet!

All y’all should plan on sticking with us for a while. We have some very cool things we still want to do with this little dog and pony show yet, and they all promise to be very very cool!

Feedback? You should have this memorized by now. Just in case…

Questions, comments or concerns? You can leave a comment below OR email us ( OR play along with the voicemail game at (206) 33-WHITE!

Until tomorrow gang, this is db, I’m done

Woofcast #100:
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