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Woofcast #125

Starting off with some pigskin talk. Keeping these guys on track sometimes is really a chore! Turns out Gabe gets to drive the R56 Superbowl weekend, so Todd and I were telling him how best to proceed. Also, we do go long tonight with the interview.

Tonight we interviewed Andrew ‘Agro’ Ross about the upcoming AMVIV IV, but first, we spent some time talking about the Motorby pilot program, previously reported over at Motoringfile and picked up by every automotive web site as well as SlashDot.

A few quick notes about run-flat tires too.

  • All of the MINI OEM wheels will take a non-runflat tire
  • Non-run flat tires WILL improve your ride quality if you have an R50 or R53
  • Non-run flat tires WILL change the handling characteristics of your MINI
  • Non-run flat tires are cheaper than run-flats
  • Non-run flat tires won’t run flat. You will need a kit (slime, air pump), a cell phone, a AAA card or all three.

WRR Listener AGrainger has put together a great list of supplies that he carries with him over at this NAM thread. I think you might find the list a little big, but you will get some great ideas from it. Thanks Aaron!

Woofcast #125:

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