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Woofcast #128

615598-kiss-the-arse-of-a-puffin-0.jpgWatch out! We started with weather and a little Super Bowl talk. Imagine a little Gabe doing the Super Bowl shuffle. How cute.

db talks about his MINI week getting tires. Kumho Ecsta ASX instead of the SPTs. Watch for a review to follow. Did you read about the new scented tire from Kumho? Colored smoke, sure. But scented?

If you are one that is looking for an easy way to manage the older shows that aren’t included in the feed? Definitely listen in.

Plus, news of the week from Motoringfile. Including more talk on the 1 Series (yes, again) (yes I did, in fact, roll my eyes).

Oh yea…

Woofcast #128:

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2 thoughts on “Woofcast #128

  1. When I got tires recently, they were the Kumho AST’s (17″). and soon discovered that when I hit a dip in the road during spirited runs, the tires scraped the fenders (black plastic part), and had to trade them in for the SPT’s (45 instead of 50).

  2. the superbowl suffle was played incessantly after superbowl XX throughout the entire state of IL. even downstaters like myself heard it nearly every day until about 1990.


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