We go fairly long tonight getting caught up. But first, if you are going to AMVIV, be sure to download the event guide that Michael, Patricia and I did last week.

Who hates the JCW drilled rotors? Todd seems to think that everyone hates them.

So, I finally drove an R56 and we took quite a bit of time discussing the car, since we have all driven one. Yea, this car is all good in my opionion as long as the arches aren’t painted. I also give my reason why I think everyone thinks the interior looks cheap. Of course, we discussed it at length. By the end of it, Todd is still a hater while Gabe and myself still think it’s a pretty great car.

Plus the last 2 weeks of news, pretty much, from Motoringfile.

Don’t forget all 3 of us will be at AMVIV this year, starting Friday at the NAMCC out in Pahrump where Todd and I will be pulling PA duties. And if you haven’t registered yet, you need to do that by March 17th at amviv.com. Get on it!

Woofcast #139:

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