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Woofcast #163

Some recording issues tonight. I, not being the master mixologist that Mr. Pearson is, lost the first 20 minutes of the show. Actually, I have it, but it sounds really really bad. I will be uploading it later today so you can download it if you like, but I will not be putting it into the feed.

Otherwise, it was news of the week from Motoringfile.com and motorcycle races on db’s street.

UPDATE – You can download the first 20 minutes here. It sounds very bad. I did what I could to clean it up. Oh yea, it also will only play in your left speaker (or ear if you are using headphones). When I mess something up, I have a tendancy to do a really good job with it!

Woofcast #163:

Download | Subscribe | WRR @ iTunes | 33:05 | 15.2MB

13 thoughts on “Woofcast #163

  1. Hey Guys, is it just me or does DB sound very VERY quiet over the last 3 or so shows? Am using iPod Nano (new type) with Dension IceLink into my Boost, other podcasts are fine… Rich

  2. It’s not you. Since Todd is moving, I’m doing the recording. While I think I’m getting good volume, I’m really not. I’m pretty sure #164 sounds better.

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