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Woofcast #168

ClubmanWho knew that Gabe could snap like Bozo the Clown? Once that was discovered, Gabe chatted a bit about the upcoming 1 Series (who knew it would be so heavy?) Then we spent some time talking about Porches (who knew the 914 was so small?) which then turned us a little bit toward Volkswagon (who knew the Thing was so cool?).

Then, a bit of listener feedback. Voicemails from MINI United (who knew db could not really remember the girls in the windows?) and 1 from Ian about automatic transmissions (who knew we could still be talking about this?).

We finish talking about the Clubman and would be very interested in your opinion! Leave a comment below Clubman MC vs. Clubman MCS (we already know that we won’t get the diesel Clubman in the States).

Woofcast #168:

Download | 31:36 | 29.2MB | WRR @ iTunes

5 thoughts on “Woofcast #168

  1. db,

    If you are an El Camino fan, you should be leading the charge for the obvious next model to follow the Clubman…a MINI Pickup! That would be very Camino-esque, plus it would be in keeping with classic Mini heritage just like the Clubman, so why not?

    and another thing…when people say that a MINI SUV would be a bad thing and not in the spirit of MINI, they must be forgetting the Moke. If the Moke wasn’t an SUV-like vehicle what was it?


  2. Good shows for the past two weeks. MINI United contributed to worthwhile MINI news. I especially liked the interview with Mike Cooper. It’s going to be hard to top this MINI Motoring experience.

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