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Woofcast #17

Early again…Wow! Aren’t you lucky 🙂 db got a new mic too!

The n00B show, part II
-db is the master of the mixed metaphor
-We talk about the new iPod. db goes a little crazy
-Corrections/additions from Woof16 concerning tires
-Podsafe music from music.podshow.com. It’s Alen Mecan performing Stylus
-A quick run through MINIUSA.com
-Todd doesn’t like the factory stripes.
-Gabe’s all about the bling
-Remember, restaurants have restrooms
-I checked…nowhere does it say ‘big-ass sunroof’.
-gotta have Combo #3
-db and Todd don’t get the clown nose
-Todd doesn’t really like the Checkmate package either
-Neither does db
-Who gets the cassette deck?
-it’s [email protected]
-PDC doesn’t play well with the sport link. Actually, it doesn’t work at all
-It takes longer than you think to configure a MINI
-db likes the steering wheel in the center?
-News? Motoringfile.com
-Don’t forget…Phil Wicks on Woof18!
-db does a little pimpin’. Don’t forget to vote for us!

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Todd did the hard part
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