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Woofcast #171

News of the week from Motoringfile as usual, but with a twist. Todd wasn’t around, so Gabe and I, last minute, decided to do the show live via Ustream.tv.

Besides news, db tells a bad joke and talks about EBC brake pads, and Gabe talks about removing the armrest out of his car. Check back tomorrow our discussion about the Clubman, including answering viewer questions live!

Whiteroofradio turns 2 on Wednesday, August 1st, and we will be celebrating it on Woof 173/174. Pretty good chance we are going to do those live again as well, so keep an eye on this space and over at Motoringfile.com for the details!

Woofcast #171:

Download | 28:44 | 13.2MB | WRR @ iTunes

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