We start off talking about Apple stuff. Mainly Gabe’s new AppleTV. And I think it sounds pretty cool for playing music. What do you think?

Gabe is talking about not going to AMVIV. Talk him out of it.

And it’s MOTORTOBER! Come hang out with us if you are nearby. Gabe will be at Westchester MINI this weekend, db will be at Crevier MINI on the 21st and Todd will be at Baron MINI on the 27th. Not nearby? Check out MINIUSA.com for details or contact your local dealer.

Update: Zipped versions of 193 (download) and 192 (download) are ready for those of you that need them.

We then spend quite a bit of time talking about what we think the MINI SUV might or might not be. Like it or not, it’s coming. What do you think it’s going to be?

We finish with a few tips about the Auto AC and stuck windows and, oddly enough, The Bionic Woman.

Woofcast #193:

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