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Woofcast #22

NAM Calendar Graphic
We spent the evening with Mark Ferguson from NAM. Fair warning, there were cocktails used during this episode.

-It’s too cold. Well, except where db lives
-Don’t forget to move those car care products someplace warm!
-Don’t wash your MINI with a power washer
Our Frappr map
-Good autoX = tornado?
-Don’t forget to get your ’06 NAM Calendar!
-Mark is looking for assist on site development! Contact him here
-Mark will be going to AMVIV as a participant!
-Lots of club support.
-NAM Sponsored event! Keep an eye out for it!
-Upcoming features for NAM, including a dating service?

Thanks again to Mark for giving up 2 hours of his life that he will never get back! And for running one of the best message boards, automotive or not, on the internet!

Todd did the hard part
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