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MINI Cooper Podcasting with db, Todd, Gabe, Chad & Brian

Woofcast #25

This time with a little help from Michael Babischkin, ace moderator and administrator from NAM filling in for Gabe.

-We pick on Todd.
-It should be ToddTodd, not TomTom
-We talk about the benefits of changing the factory airbox to an aftermarket cold air intake
-Check out outmotoring for a fine selection
-db was a little sick and VERY slow on the mute button tonight.
Michael covers the big news stories from Motoringfile including:
-JCW for the MCSa
-The next generation engine
-A little bit of info on the ’07. Micheal says duh.
-Easier to hit pedestrians?
We interview “Fireball” Tim Lawrence of FTR
-What’s coming up for Tim and FTR
-FTR Forums. Click here to check ’em out!
-Some juicy info on the M600
-Some top secret stuff. Oh wait, Tim didn’t share that.

Again, thanks to Michael for filling in for Gabe, who will be back next week. Don’t forget to take the survey and join the frappr!

Todd did the hard part
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