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Woofcast #251

CRX HFJust Todd and I hangin’ out, talking about news from Motoringfile.com.

We are not 100% sure if Gabe still has a MINI or listens to the show. We are 100% sure he is busier than a one legged man at a pie eating contest, so we are cutting him very huge amounts of slack.

Want to check out the Ultimate Apocalypsemobile? here’s the link.

New special from Outmotoring.com for the month of June. Save $10 on all purchases over $150! Listen up for the code.

Lots of MTTS updates. We will be there *this week*! That also means no regular shows for a few weeks while we are at Miami and Boston and all places in between. More details to follow later in the week.

Woofcast 251:

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