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Woofcast #253, again

For those of you that got episode 220 in your reader/iTunes, here it is, corrected.

News of the week from Motoringfile.com, but since it was mostly MTTS related, we recapped the week instead.

We had a great week and you’ve seen most of it. To recap, we posted over 700 photos, over an hour of video and almost 2 hour of audio! Thanks everyone for checking it out or coming by to say during the event. It was great to meet you all!

Planning to attend Chicago or LA? Don’t forget to register. They also posted quite a few updates during Miami and Boston that you can see here.

Check back tomorrow for the JCW show. You aren’t going to want to miss it!

Woofcast 253:

Download | 20.0MB | 43:27 | WRR @ iTunes