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Woofcast #256

Tonight we talk about the things we don’t get in the US and why. Full notes to follow. I know I say 255, but it’s really 256. Really.

Woofcast 256:

Download | 16.9MB | 36:45 | WRR @ iTunes

1 thought on “Woofcast #256

  1. A very good show, I count as one of those that would buy a Mini D if it was ever offered. I would much rather see Mini bring this to the states than the R60 in the face of $7 gas, but then again thats just me.

    The good news is I think BMW/Mini are going to have to come up with some good steps towards expanding their high mileage fleet of vehicles to stand a chance with the European standards coming up. come to think of it maybe though the R60 could be the best plateform for a US spec Mini D, though extra weight and 4 wheel drive would suck a little of the efficiency.

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