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Woofcast #262

Back with a brand new Woofcast. Heck, we even have a new one for you tomorrow too!

Starting off with a little Olympic coverage and ranting before getting into news of the week from Motoringfile.

If you missed it, the professional photogs that were with us during all of the MTTS stops have put all of thier photos up available for purchase. You can find them all over at mttsphotos.com. There are a *ton* of great photos!

If you are curious about this whole RSS thing and want to jump on the bandwagon, let us know. I’m more than happy to help out.

Finally, there are some minor quality issues this time around. I sound a little fuzzy. Didn’t know it happened and the problem has already been corrected.

Woofcast 262:

Download | 11.3MB | 24:24 | WRR @ iTunes

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