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Woofcast #27

Update – There was a problem with the feed that I have corrected. If your podcatcher did not automagically grab #27, please try again. If you use iTunes, you can update now and woof27 will appear. Sorry for the inconvenience! -db

Last one of the year! And we go out with some items that are for sure going to make you want to fire up your email client!

-It’s too warm in SoCal for Christmas
-Ice rattles? oddly, db was quiet during that conversation
-Gabe can’t figure out the cheese phone.
-Drive through gas stations sell beer in WI, just like in CA.
-Drive through liquor stores are wrong. If you are too lazy to get out of your car for booze, then stay home.
-Sonic to start feeding their guests?
-Mad props for the PT and HHR?
-C’mon now, don’t forget the WRR Listener Map, take the survey or get a decal
-Add a pic to your frappr. db@whiteroofradio.com if you need help with that.
-Big thanks to our non-us listeners…Thanks!
-Our take on MC2 magazine. Well, Todd and Gabe’s anyway since db doesn’t have his copy yet.
-Robert in Canada sends in an audio question! What mods can you do to a JCW
-The big news stories of the week

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Quick thanks to everyone who has linked us from their blogs, club sites, message board signatures. With your help, we have had well over 25K downloads since we started here at WRR. Couldn’t have done it without you!

We’ll have a ‘Best of…’ show next week and be back in full force for Woof29 on 01/07.

Have a great holiday and safe new years gang!

Todd did the hard part
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