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Woofcast #277

Todd, Chad from DetroitTuned and myself get together tonight to talk about the latest news from Motoringfile.com, the state of the auto industry and spark plugs. Again. And, with the new show format, you get a long show. Feedback? You know what to do.

Be sure to keep an eye on detroittuned.com for cool stuff coming, like online ordering. And, if you are in the neighborhood cruise by and check out the new shop!

Do you use Twitter? I’m @dbwilldo, Todd is @toddsmods, Gabe is @gbridger and Michael is @radiationman. 206-202-3252 is the new voicemail line that you can use to ring us up too.

Woofcast 277:

Download | 31.6MB | 1:09:02 | WRR @ iTunes | WRR @ Facebook

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