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Woofcast #31

Short 1 yet again this week. This time, Todd couldn’t make it. db and Gabe carry on without him.

-We are not all in SoCal. Only db is.
-db is NOT a geometry wizard.
-Todd was outvoted.
-JCW Tires for Gabe?
-Tires are black, round and they do wear out.
-db lied?
-Too much brake dust? Want better stopping power? Change your brakes.
-To compress the rear rotors, you can get a tool or use one of many different ways. Check out this NAM thread or Harbor Frieght Tools.
-Tear off’s on wheels? Gabe, get on it!
-OEM Pads made of chalk?
-db doesn’t like a big brake kit.
-But big brakes do look hot.
-Big news for the week and some rumor squashing
-Don’t wd-40 or armor all your brakes. Really, we were joking.
-This is the first non-Todd cast. What a trooper!
-db kinda knows what he’s doin’.
-Remember when installing the JCW intake, it’s 113 and white with red stripe.
-ECU is skippable, but really, you should think twice about it.

We should all be back next week, barring anymore alien abductions or black 7 series pulling up. Can’t control those things.

Survey? You know what to do. The WRR Frappr. Get a decal.

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db did the hard part
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