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MINI Cooper Podcasting with db, Todd, Gabe, Chad & Brian

Woofcast #33

We review the survey and answer some listener emails.

-Db has intro trouble
-Ghostbusters? Again?
-Todd needs more time at the MINI configurator.
-Listener feedback via the survey.
-Gabe doesn’t have any infections.
-Listener e-mail questions answered.
-Randy Webb interview part 2
–Randy is a drug dealer and the drugs are in the form of MINI performance parts.
–Stoichiometry – def-b : the quantitative relationship between two or more substances especially in processes involving physical (or chemical) change.
–Robert Gold breaks in his MCS JCW.

We went WAY long this week with the Randy Webb interview part II. So you will see the news segment coming up next.

Todd did the hard part

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