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Woofcast #330

To be honest, we ran super long during Woof 329, so this is the 2nd half of that show. So, you get to hear me explain to everyone why we hate the automatic transmission and some Ask Chad in which Chad goes crazy talking about engine additives, espeically SeaFoam. Tune in to see what he thinks. Oh, and I got Michael to talk smack about his VW.

AMVIV starts this week! Follow along at home unless you are going to be there. The WRR Twitter will be working like mad starting Wednesday. And maybe follow Mr. Cone too, since he is the official mascot of A MINI Vacation in Vegas.

If you are going to AMVIV, please stop by and say hi to the WRR boys ok. We’d love to see you, and since you never call anymore, we worry.

The next time we meet will be in Vegas **baby!** Is it AMVIV yet?

Woofcast 330:

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