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Woofcast #345

This week on an all new White Roof Radio, db wears both hats, Chad answers some questions and Michael drives a VW! Like we mention, Todd and Gabe weren’t available, so we soldiered on without them. Also helps to explain why my sound level is quite right. Not that big of a deal since all y’all tune in for the other guys instead.

Looking for part 2 of Woofcast 344? Check back Wednesday. No, really. Todd just got back from Vegas and needs a few days in an ice house to correct his body temperature.

Great Ask Chad questions this week too! If you have a question you would like our good man Chad to answer, shoot it over via email to [email protected] and we’ll get it answered.

Quick note to our affliates; White Roof Radio will be running on a modified schedule during MTTS. If you aren’t going, stay tuned in because we are planning some great coverage for you **daily**. Again, this will be happening during MTTS which is, oddly enough, starting a week after White Roof Radio **turns 5**! More on that later.

Woofcast 345:

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 24.5MB |53:26

4 thoughts on “Woofcast #345

  1. Concerning the discussion about the back up light on the Clubman. The issue for me is not that there is only one, or it looks un-balanced, – it’s that it is on the British drivers side of the car. It MINI would give us a North American – left side mount the single back up light might actually have a function.

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