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Woofcast #37

Our midweek show…The n00b show IV – Break-in and service. Don’t agree? You know what to do.

  • Why are we talking about the Olympics?
  • Have you read your manual?
  • Gabe doesn’t have the ’06 manual yet
  • Just quoting the manual here gang…have you read yours?
  • Official engine break-in is under varying engine and vehicle speed and do not exceed 4500RPM/90MPH
  • Break-in means longer life. db followed break-in to the letter, and now has over 112K miles with great gas mileage!
  • We are going with the engineers on break-in
  • Tire break-in = about 200 miles/300KM
  • Breaks break-in = about 300 miles/500KM
  • Clutch break-in = about 300 miles/500KM
  • db & Gabe share S-10 stories

CarTalk on Break-in

Todd did the hard part

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