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MINI Cooper Podcasting with db, Todd, Gabe, Chad & Brian

Woofcast #38

Thanks to the guys for carrying on without me for this episode. I’m sure you heard db breaking up pretty good at the beginning of the show, so I took one for the team and stepped out.

  • Recorded on Gabe’s birthday. He is such a giver!
  • Gabe gets JCW brakes
  • More GP talk and video released
  • 2007 MINIs will show up at dealers in Feb. ’07
  • Todd hates the traveler wheels
  • Todd gets technical with words like hubcentric and lugcentric
  • Gabe and Todd both like road hazard warranties.
  • The Traveler definitely gets and extra side door.
  • The VW podcasts are awful as are the BMW vodcasts.
  • Pants-less podcasting.
  • More audio reviews coming up soon.
  • Another audio clip from Robert in Toronto.

Todd did the hard part

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