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Woofcast #436

A full crew for you this week and we go on for more than an hour about the Paceman, JCW GP and Roadster. Our thoughts about all of them and Gabe’s thoughts about the Roadster so far. Odd, he doesn’t seem to bothered by the fact that Todd and Axel drove it shirtless.

Woofcast 436:

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 32.4MB | 1:08:57 | Show Notes

4 thoughts on “Woofcast #436

  1. …It was a great show to watch (at least partially) and listen to while driving to work. Actually, it was a lot of fun; really enjoyed the opinions and the supporting arguements. Can’t wait for Woofcast 500; not sure of the time frame that it occurs; but another party would be fabulous!!

    1. Thanks Bob! 500 is 44 shows from now, which means we will be recording that about this time next year. And you know we will be doing something huge for it!

  2. On the subject of front plates: I was under the impression that all MINIs came with the front bumper pre-drilled for front plates. I know that my 2011 MCS Cabrio came with pre-drilled holes. They just had paint over them.

    1. I always thought that they came without holes. On my MINI, there is a plate that was installed specifically to hold the front plate. I’ve seen it on other MINIs that live in front-plate requiring states. I have not seen it on MINIs from states that do not require it.

      I’m pretty sure it’s a thing that is either installed at the dealer as part of delivery prep or at the VDC, depending on the delivery state. But I think it’s time we get into it.

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