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Woofcast #516


Starting off with a PSA from the boys under the White Roof before we move on to talking about pants, like we like to do. Then some sunroof/sunscreen talk before jumping into news from MotoringFile.com, including Gabe’s review of the F56 Cooper. He used the word smitten so you have to read it.

2 epic things are happening in less than 30 days time, at the same time. #mtts2014 and White Roof Radio celebrates our **9th anniversary**. That’s right, 9 years of White Roof Radio and we will be celebrating in Austin Texas on August 1st! Hope to see you all there!

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1 thought on “Woofcast #516

  1. hi just registered for mtts. my 15 yr old daughter and I are doing the whole route. do you all still need help ,volunteers ? tim from new mexico

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