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Woofcast #529 – Say No To Chrome


The 529th meeting under the White Roof brings us a big, big, big show for you guys today! News from MotoringFile, an update from our man Todd about the MINIs in his life, some Ask Chad and Swedish Fish. Also, db did not rock the sexy ghost costume and Detroit did not burn down.

Todd’s in SEMA this week, so keep an eye on the Instagram and we hope to be talking to him for Woofcast 530. Speaking of next week, mark the calendars for a live show gang! Thursday, November 13Th shortly after 9:00p CST. Join us, won’t you?

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4 thoughts on “Woofcast #529 – Say No To Chrome

  1. Hi guys! Dave here from the West Texas Motoring Club! Just wanted to say “thanks” for the mention! You’re world famous and mentioned us; that makes US world famous now, right? We were so happy to hear the shout-out that our Lubbock members even voted to forgive db for all the Lubbock-bashing around MTTS! 😉

    Anyway, I was listening on my iPod at work and had to restrain myself from jumping up and down squealing like a teenage girl at the Ed Sullivan theater when the Beatles played. 🙂

    West Texas MINI owners: look us up at http://wtxmc.org

  2. Uh, hey guys, me again… The shout-out was cool and everything, but the badges I ordered STILL haven’t arrived (order placed on October 9th, transaction hit my account on October 22nd) and [email protected] hasn’t responded to my email inquiry about the order (#7786).

    I’m not necessarily pissed about the LOOOONG delay, but some response would be greatly appreciated.

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