**UPDATE** – Corrected links. Apologies for this showing in your feed twice.

I still don’t think the diesel is coming and other news from []( start us out this week. All of the news that is fit for us to talk about it. A little Ask Chad/Todd about graphics you will find useful. Alex recaps his trip to California and I talk a little more about the R56 heretofore known as [Bruce](

Don’t forget any of the fine sponsors for your Valentine. Might I recommend [a smart phone holder]( from Craven Speed (aka the ‘Squeezy Thing’) or perhaps some [fine motoring gear]( from Trust me, this stuff is Valentines Day gold friends.

Finally, we are getting closer to our goal of $100 per episode at [Patreon]( We really appreciate the support! I’m going to have rewards for those that have already contributed very soon along with rewards for future Paton’s. Remember, when we hit $100, Todd is going to make it rain! Rain butter, baby!

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