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Woofcast #545: I’d Rather Have a Moped


We start out with some event reminders to keep you guys in the loop. If you are one that is going to be attending [AMVIV](http://www.amviv.com), you should be getting registered at The Silverton sooner than later. Last week they were already at 75% capacity on the room rate. While you are there, you should also register for the event as well.

Followed by news from MotoringFile.com, including [this post](http://www.motoringfile.com/2015/03/17/opinion-how-could-mini-innovate/) by Alex last week. We would be curious what your thoughts are on how MINI could innovate within the automotive industry. What do you think? Click over and leave a comment!

For those of you in Philly, please take care of Todd this weekend and know that I am seriously bummed that I’m missing it!

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