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Woofcast #589: A Day Late

Actually a bit more than a day late, but by show time, it’s a day late. It’s the new math. News from Motoringfile, shout-outs to you guys (thanks for all the feedback on the last show) and talking to Todd about buying a new car every week. Plus, would you rent your MINI, AirBNB style, to a total stranger? Let us know!

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4 thoughts on “Woofcast #589: A Day Late

  1. Loved your comments in #589 regarding relative “fun factor” of the MINI Cooper and MX-5 Miata. I’ve come from two successive Miatas (’99 and ’08) for my first MINI, a ’15 R59 S. Both are fun..just different. The major difference is the FWD vs RWD aspect and MINI’s go kart feeling…which to a rear wheel driven Miata owner, initially just feels like very heavy steering….and btw, both certainly require snow tires in the winter!

  2. Todd…congrats on your “new” ’13 R59S…..we love ours and very happy we ordered one of the last ’15 R59S…in Chili Red. We also find that getting the H/K sound was a good option choice.

  3. Hmmm…BMW/MINI rent a car program…might be good option for an extended test drive prior to possible purchase…. I know my daughter in Seattle is aware of this program so it IS reaching the Millennial audience

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