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Woofcast 614: The Thirty Fives

We talk Countryman, how the new political landscape could affect the car buying experience, AMVIV and a whole bunch more! Join Todd, Chad and I for a rousing discussion this week, won’t you?

This week’s show image coutesy Paul D. He uploaded this photo of his hot GP2 to our Facebook page. Your MINI can be featured here as well! Just ‘@’ reply us on Twitter or Instagram (it’s @whiteroofradio) or upload to our Facebook page! It’s not a competition, I’m going to use any that I see.



2 thoughts on “Woofcast 614: The Thirty Fives

  1. I, for one, LOVE the digital directional signal stalk and find all of the others like my wife’s GMC Yukon XL antiquated. MINI is taking another step backwards. Would it stop me from buying another MINI . . . . . nope.

    1. Fair enough. But, to be fair, a few of us want to have the high beam switch back under our left foot. So…;)

      Thanks for stopping by Robert!

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