White Roof Radio – The MINI Cooper Podcast

MINI Cooper Podcasting with db, Todd, Gabe, Chad & Brian

Woofcast #7

db, Todd and Gabe get together and talk about, among other things, OEM wheels…

-Gabe is a lefty
-Seedoo’s handle like MINI’s on the water
MINI2 Wheel/tire FAQ
-Gabe can tell really bad jokes. And, he writes his own material
-Space Blue with horseshoe wheels. Click for gallery
-Options for US Market on Motoringfile
-db wants to toss the horseshoe towards a metal post
-Thanks to all of you that have linked to WRR so far! Listen up to the first 5 minutes, I actually mention you. UkPaul, Kanga, Lokisnake, Lawrence, and of course Gomotoring.com.

Todd did the hard part