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Wow! A MINI Vblog. Who Knew?

Now this is cool:


A video blog by MINI in Denmark. Well worth checking out. Scroll down to see some pretty good stuff, MINI and otherwise.

Gabe, you know all. What’s the story behind this? It’s worth yakking about on the podcast, methinks.



7 thoughts on “Wow! A MINI Vblog. Who Knew?

  1. I get the impression this was the Factory effort around the AMI Show in Leipzig in April, and I vaguely remember something about it on the Net at the time. It’s still preserved in the amber of the WWW, but I think it’s defunct as an interactive site.`Maybe there are more out there, tho. Some of the vids are quite fun.

  2. It’s Germany. The site’s in German & English, with references to Leipzig, etc.

    I like the Clutch Cargo voiceovers. :p

  3. We at XOLO.TV (effectively Gabe McIntyre & Gabe Bauer) were hired by BMW to cover the AMI in Leipzig (yes, Germany) for a week, vlog-style. The marketing people took a gamble with this, because it hadn’t been done before (in this setup) and creatively we were free to do anything (also: not just covering e’thing that’s MINI). So they trusted us with shooting, editing and plugging it, with the vlogbymini site as homebase. In the end BMW was very happy with the result, so were we…and from time to time we still get ‘minimoment’ submissions. πŸ™‚
    Glad you liked it too.

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