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MINI Cooper Podcasting with db, Todd, Gabe, Chad & Brian

WRR Swag shop is open!

wrrshirt.jpgShirts, hats, coffee mugs and mouse pads, all emblazoned with the World Famous White Roof Radio logo.

Just another way for your to show your support! You can check out the WRR swag shop here. It’s high quality gear too! I’ve already had a sample sent over and it looks great. For those of you that might be familiar with the previous, 1-time wear WRR t-shirt, I can tell you that these shirts are at least 1000% better!

Don’t forget those Motoringbadges either. I’m sure your fridge could use a little sprucin’ up.

1 thought on “WRR Swag shop is open!

  1. I wish I had one of these babies in Italy. That would stop the thousands of motorscooter riders in their tracks!


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